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International Moth - Mustoskiff

14th June – 15th June


Skiffsailing Srl ssd - Località Bersaglio, 22014 Dongo (CO) – Italy
Tel: +39 0344 81631 - Fax: +39 0344 981935
e-mail: segreteria@skiffsailing.it - website: www.skiffsailing.it 

Mustoskiff – International Moth – 29er

Dongo, Skiffsailing club
14th June – 15th June

A maximum of 8 races are scheduled for the regatta.
No more than 3 races per day can be raced for Moth and MustoSkiff classes.
No more than 4 races per day can be raced for 29er class.

First warning signal on Saturday 14th June  will be at 13:00;
the starting time of the first race on Sunday 15th will be posted by the Race Committee on the official notice board at Skiffsailing Club before 7 pm of the previous day.

The regatta will be governed by the following rules:
ISAF RRS 2013-2016 with the integrations of the Italian Sailing Federation;
this Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions.
Any change and/or following notices will be posted on the Official Notice Board of Skiffsailing Club.

While making the registration, it’s necessary to show:
1- National Federation Association, valid for 2014
2- Class Association valid for 2014
3- Third party insurance of the boat of the minimum cover required by the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV) 1.000.000€
4- No changes to sail numbers are allowed if not made after an official permission of the Race Committee.

Entries shall be sent to the secretary of the Skiffsailing Club through the website (www.skiffsailing.it) and completed before 11 am of the first regatta day at the secretary of Skiffsailing Club.
Sailing Instructions will be available at the race office after 11 am of the first day.

The entry fee is:
From 1st March to 30th April - 30€ for single and 40€ for doubles
From 1st May to 8th June - 45€ for single and 60€ for doubles
From 9th June to the of the regatta - 60€ for single and 90€ for doubles

Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. Skiffsailing Srl ssd, the Race Committee and the Jury are not responsible of any damage to people or things, weather ashore and afloat, consequently the partecipation to the regatta. Each competitor shall have a valid third part insurance certificate 

The Low Point scoring system of RRS Appendix A will apply.
If 5 or more races are completed, boats may discard their worst score.

Prizes for the first three boats of each class

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Informazioni Turistiche

Comitati Nazionali:
Marvèlia Asd - Località Bersaglio - 22014 Dongo (CO) - Tel 0344 81631 Fax 0344 981935 info@marvelia.it